About Us

About Us

At Orca Recovery International, we gather the intelligence to assist you in recovering your money. Thereafter we will refer your case to an experienced financial fraud attorney. Our team of investigators tracks down the underground information of the individuals and companies who operate unregulated binary options businesses.

The attorneys we work with are extremely successful because of the quality intelligence our team of investigators uncovers. This evidence gives attorneys the winning advantage and helps them retrieve your lost funds as quickly as possible.

Orca Recovery International guides you throughout the process. We offer more than intelligence and attorneys. Facing the seemingly powerful multi-billion-dollar industry can seem daunting, and we provide you with support throughout the process. We understand that this is a traumatic experience and we are here to help you attain a sense of justice, as well as peace of mind.



Strong and positive relationships are what differentiates Orca Recovery International from other companies.


We believe in holding ourselves and others to the letter of the law. It is our duty to prevent the violation of our most basic rights.


We dedicate ourselves to our clients and maintain the highest standards of trustworthiness and reliability.


We employ many strategies to help recover your lost assets and we pledge to work non-stop until our clients have received justice.


The faces behind the hard work


Austin Smith

Orca Recovery was founded by Austin Smith, an entrepreneur from New York.


Attorney at Law

Tami Hamm

Tami Hamm is Orca Recovery’s in-house attorney, who has practiced law for over 11 years.


Fraud & Financial Investigations

Arthur VanDesande

Arthur VanDesande is a retired IRS Criminal Investigation Special Agent and was