Stephen Young Races for Orca Recovery in Nascar Xfinity Series

Images courtesy of BJ McLeod Motorsports

We’re proud to announce our sponsorship of international race car driver and victim of binary options fraud, Stephen Young. Stephen, like many others, was duped over the course of several months into believing that the investments he was making online were legitimate.

Orca Recovery partnered with Stephen Young after he was scammed by unregulated binary options companies Magnum Options and Boss Capital. Orca Recovery is helping Stephen recover his stolen money and decided to sponsor Young in his first appearance at NASCAR.

It is the same story we see every day here at Orca Recovery: What began as a too-good-to-be-true investment opportunity turned out to be…too good to be true! Stephen was the victim of a highly sophisticated scam, it’s nothing to be embarrassed about. In fact, the scam is so sophisticated that there are thousands of people in the same situation of Stephen that still to this day do not realize that they will never see the money that they “invested” with these binary options companies.

It was for this reason that we saw the opportunity to work with Stephen. Not just in following the legal channels to return 100% of the money that Stephen was defrauded, but also, to sponsor Stephen and get the message across to all the others out there that they can do the same and fight back against this corrupt industry.

Stephen raced in the NASCAR XFINITY Series races representing Orca Recovery International on 3 different occasions.

In his debut NASCAR race, Young was a member of BJ McLeod Motorsports’ team. Stephen’s participation was the first time an Englishman has raced in Nascar’s Xfinity series. Stephen peaked to 19th place but finished in 36th place after his car’s transmission blew. Stephen left the race boasting the fastest 10-lap average in Happy Hour.


Check out the video of Stephen’s story to see the great work we did with him:

Good Luck in the future races Stephen!

Remember, you’re racing on the side of the good guys now!

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