• What is the process?

    Once you’ve filled out the contact form via our website, we will begin by analyzing your case and uncovering intelligence about the binary options company, such as the real names of the owners and the true location. If your case is viable, we will refer you to a law firm who will contact you and give you an initial overview. If you are comfortable with the legal representation, payment will then be discussed with your attorney.
  • What will Orca Recovery do for me?

    International financial fraud can be very complicated and time-consuming, and Orca Recovery streamlines this process.

    Orca Recovery gathers intelligence about binary options companies, the kind of evidence that wins cases. We will then introduce you to an attorney experienced in asset recovery who will fight your case and help you recover your out-of-pocket investment.

  • Who are the attorneys?

    In order for our clients to go head-to-head with the multi-billion-dollar binary options industry, we work with attorneys who specialize in binary options fraud. We have a network of attorneys at our disposal and based on your criteria we will introduce you to the attorney most suited to fighting your case. All the attorneys we associate with understand the sensitive nature of financial fraud and the emotional hardships that surround it.

  • Why are my attorneys primarily located in Israel?

    Unfortunately, most perpetrators of binary options fraud are located in Israel and owned by Israeli nationals. An Israeli attorney can fight the owners of such companies in the jurisdiction that these companies are established.

    Additionally, Israeli attorneys have an intricate knowledge of both the Israeli legal system and the local binary options scam industry, and consequently, enjoy a high success rate with binary options fraud cases.

  • Which clients do you accept?

    Due to geopolitical circumstances, we are restricted in certain aspects of our business. Unfortunately, we cannot accept clients from Iran, Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Afghanistan, Libya, Sudan and Pakistan at this time. Thank you for your understanding.

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