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Last Friday Orca Recovery International appeared in a news segment called “Binary Options: The Easy Way To Get Rich?”, on Israeli television which exposed the fraudulent binary options industry. The 11-minute video is mostly in Hebrew and features Orca Recovery founder Austin Smith speaking in addition to in-house attorney Tami Hamm. Minute 8:12 through until 9:38 features Orca Recovery in its Tel Aviv satellite office.

The Hebrew Translated

After Austin speaks about why he started Orca Recovery in English, the narrator speaks about how Orca Recovery employs the services of a former US treasury agent Arthur VanDesande, along with Israeli lawyers, who convince top industry players to return money to their clients.

Tami Hamm, interviewed in Hebrew, describes how Orca Recovery pays investigators to track down former workers. Tami elaborates that these people give the information freely out of goodwill and also out of revenge because “there is no honor among thieves.”

The reporter explains how the private investigators use this information to track down the company owners. Tami elaborates to the reporter that with this information, Orca Recovery approaches fraudulent companies and informs them that it knows exactly where they are located and exactly what they’re doing.

The screen shows one of Orca Recovery’s investigative reports with the reporter describing how despite the industry’s attempt to hide, they understand that they cannot hide forever.

Times of Israel investigative reporter Simona Weinglass is then interviewed, stating “The first thing I discovered when I started researching this industry was that it’s incredibly hard to discover who the real company owners really are.”

The reporter describes how Orca Recovery reveals the shell companies’ names, any name changes and the strawmen who hide the identity of the real company owners. The last mention of Orca Recovery relates to how sometimes the plaintiffs are sued, revealing how Yukom Communications is suing Austin Smith for 20 million NIS (5 million USD), accusing Smith of creating a blackmail enterprise that uses secret information.

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